Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hey guys! My mum just came back from Australia and I'm really happy! For one its because she's back  and secondly it's because of gifts! I was hoping for a Nintendo N64, just kidding! Those things are really expensive these days. I have been trying to get an affordable console and play my Legend of Zelda but I guess that's not possible. The 3DS is really expensive and the games aren't cheap either. That's really sad... There goes my gaming years unless you guys know what gaming console I should get? Anyway I took some pictures of what my mum got for me.

PS I added in the notebook, I drew those! What do you think of it? I spent 7 hours drawing and colouring it. Here is a clearer picture of it. Fezzes are cool! Doctor who!

I guess that's all for today!

Surprise picture of the day! 

"What's up, its 3am!"  

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