Thursday, April 18, 2013

My online shopping haul! and Sarah Jane

The Sarah Jane Adventures <---- Does it look luminous enough like the original titles? 

Cheers to every one of you! I miss blogging, however recently I've finally found a job and I am so happy about it even though it's just a four months job and I will be starting in May! As excited as I am, I am pretty terrified as well! I do hope things turns out well. So, I have just re-watched the Sarah Jane Adventures as well as the tribute video but it wasn't the right thing to do I guess. I ended up tearing up because I miss Elisabeth Sladen. I keep what Sarah Jane said in the show closely to my heart. "Life on earth can be an adventure too, you just need to know where to look. I learned something a long time ago, that if you are missing somebody, just look up at the night sky. Whoever it is, wherever they are, chances that they're looking at the stars just like you. Sometimes for all its size the universe isn't such a big place after all." - Sarah Jane Smith. She also loves saying "There must be another way, there's always another way!" For some reasons, these two quotes has always kept me strong and keep on going forward. Even though I personally did not know her in person, her death really made me sad but then again, all the things she did when she was alive were fantastic and amazing! She made so many people's childhood amazing and exciting and that's brilliant!

  (1 February 1946 – 19 April 2011) 
So after watching it, someone rang my doorbell and it was my delivery! HOLLER! My books has arrived!

I am so happy! I love opening packages, they make me happy! I enjoy receiving stuff and I love finding out what's in the box or behind a door! They make me excited! This is what I told my friends, the surface of every treasure is a pile of sand and an adventure is lying behind every closed door. There's always something more than meets the eye, it's just how much effort we put into finding them ♥ So I have opened the package and I took some photos! Oh, not only did I get something online, my sister got me a book from Switzerland and I got something else as well, an italian pocket dictionary! 

Its scary that this Marco polo has eyes like that though... 

Obviously I need an italian dictionary to read an italian book even though there it's a bilingual book 

She gotten this book from a place called Stauffacher for CHF 
16.90. I love celtic fairytales, greek myths and egyptian myths. Basically if its myth and legends or sci fi, I WOULD LOVE THEM! PS* The only sci fi shows I have really watched are the sarah jane adventures, doctor who, torchwood, merlin, does the big bag theory count as sci fi? I'm sure I have seen some more but I can't remember them.

It's a pretty tiny pocket book but I loved it! I love my books! Well, I guess that's all for today, a domani!  Ciao!

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  1. This is for me the best par about online shopping. Shopping anything and get it delivered for free, even in special discount offers! The average delivery time is 3 days which is praiseworthy as the items are shipped from multiple locations across world by using local retailer services.

    1. Yup! Thats true! I honestly hate the day online shopping was created! Spending way too much and you dont even have to walk around ! all you do is click "buy" and thats it! haha! i have to be careful with those things


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